The Pain-Free Desk Warrior
Feeling old? Always tired? Neck and back aches? Tried everything and nothing helps? You’re not alone. If you spend more than two hours a day at your desk, you’re like the millions of “Desk Warriors” all over the world who suffer from the same problem. Busy work schedules, technology and sedentary lifestyles cause a huge portion of the public to struggle with headaches, neck and back pain, low energy levels, mood swings and poor performance. The worst part of all? They think it’s normal. Dr Gary Tho, a leading chiropractor in Singapore, is here to tell you it’s not. This book outlines six steps for busy business owners corporate professionals and executives to get out and STAY OUT of pain so you can work hard, play hard and leave fatigue and illness behind. Live a pain-free life. It is possible and I will show you show. ISBN: 978-981-09-7512-8 (paperback) | 2015 SUBJECTS: Well-Being/General Health | 220 pages Published by: Dr Gary Tho Produced by: Write Editions
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