Spotlight Singapore

The Spotlight Singapore story begins with a dream; a daring yet profound dream to bridge the worlds of arts and culture, and business. Through its five editions in six cities, Spotlight Singapore, an initiative by The Old Parliament House Limited, has emphatically demonstrated that arts and culture can indeed be a powerful vehicle to link one culture with another, a business with another, and most of all, a people with another. It is simply, cultural diplomacy par excellence. This book Spotlight Singapore chronicles its journey of adventures in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, Cape Town, Bratislava and Prague; at the same time, it sounds the clarion call to embrace arts and culture as a truly universal language to forge friendships, explore possibilities, and seize opportunities. At last, the Spotlight Singapore’s dream–turned– reality has to be attributed to a daring band of protagonists: Colin Goh, Phan Ming Yen, Florence Lee and Tan Tee Tong. They know no bounds, no “nos”, and no “what ifs”. Their indomitable spirit reflects the zest of Spotlight Singapore, and undergirds its traverse in the years to come.

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