Secret Conversations with Trading Tycoons

Like no other, Secret Conversations with Trading Tycoons is arguably the only book ever to remarkably assemble 12 top traders in the world to reveal their time-tested trading secrets. Considered among the world’s greatest financial minds, these luminaries share in earnest and with magnanimity their philosophy, wisdom and winning strategies in
trading with bestselling author Mario Singh, regarded worldwide as a global financial expert and Asia’s top forex coach.

Spending hundreds of hours over two years corresponding with each of the 12 trading tycoons, Mario has probed into their insights and methodically distilled for readers the most essential lessons from their conversations – chief among all: what truly makes a successful trader.

Intrinsic to the motivation behind this book –Mario’s third – is his firm belief that
mentorship – imparting, learning and embracing lessons from the best – can spur
and fulfil an individual’s quest for life purpose and success. After all, Mario himself lives by
this maxim:

“Success is the passionate, persistent, progressive pursuit of a productive purpose.”

ISBN: 978-981-11-7931-0 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-981-11-7932-7 (ebook)

Published by: 1FX International
Produced by: Write Editions



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